Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 453-462

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 453- 462.

House Bill 453 (HB453)–  (Norton) Creates a Louisiana Equal Pay for Women Act which states that  paying unequal wages based on sex “unjustly discriminates against the person receiving the lesser rate, leads to low morale, threatens the well-being of the citizens of this state, and adversely affects the general welfare.” It also sets out all the regulations for legal recourse based on such sex based pay discrimination.

House Bill 454 (HB454)–  (N. Landry) Addresses the matter of agenda items, how they are taken up, how they are removed from the agenda, how they are moved within the agenda, etc as they relate to public body meetings.

House Bill 455 (HB455)–  (Leger) Creates the Louisiana New Markets Jobs tax credits which provides a tax credit against the premium tax liability for any entity who makes an investment of private capital into low-income community businesses located in Louisiana. Defines relevant terms and conditions for this tax credit.

House Bill 456 (HB456)–  (Robideaux) Establishes the Louisiana Tax Delinquency Amnesty Act of 2013. Which allows for tax amnesty for specified tax payers for taxes owed from a certain period. Establishes related conditions and restrictions.

House Bill 457 (HB457)–  (Hollis) Allows parents to petition for schools receiving D or F grades for three years to be transferred to Recovery School district with signatures representing the parents of a majority of the students. Requires BESE to implement related rules. Prohibits use of school district resources to support or oppose such an effort. Also requires that the state superintendent of education make an annual report  on implementation of a total system of choice.

House Bill 458 (HB458)-  (Hunter) Repeals law that suspend voting rights based on conviction of a felony and allows voting absentee by mail for incarcerated individuals, including those convicted of felonies.

House Bill 459 (HB459)-  (Hunter) requires the Dept of Child and Family Services to have received the results of a paternity test before pursuing a court order of support against an alleged father.

House Bill 460 (HB460)–  (Hunter) Permits an alleged father who has signed a birth certificate to challenge the validity of his signature upon by showing it was induced by fraud, duress, material mistake of fact or error, or that he is not the biological parent of the child.

House Bill 461 (HB461)–  (Gisclair) Sets up a system to determine if unclaimed cremated human remains are those of a veteran as well as how to handle the transfer of those remains to a veterans cemetery in the case that they were the remains of a  veteran.

House Bill 462 (HB462)-  (Arnold) Establishes citizenship and residency requirements for any partnership, corporation, or limited liability company applying for a manufacturer’s permit based on the current requirements for retail permits.