Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 463-472

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 463- 472.

House Bill 463 (HB463)– (Brossett) Authorizes parishes with a population over 130,000 to create an automobile rental tax half of which shall go to the airports in the parish and the other half to the governing authority of the parish.

House Bill 464 (HB464)– (Hunter) Repeals a provision of the present law which requires workers comp benefits to be forfeited while incarcerated.

House Bill 465 (HB465)– (Shadoin) Requires court or district attorneys to send records for commercial driver’s license holders to the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections  within 10 days. Adds use of a handheld mobile telephone while driving a commercial motor vehicle to the list of “serious traffic violations” (which are offenses that can result in disqualification from driving commercial vehicles).

House Bill 466 (HB466)– (Havard)  Prohibits BESE from implementing any change to the system for grading schools and taking actions based on those grades  unless the change has been approved by the House Committee on Education and the Senate Committee on Education. For the 2012-13 school year, requires BESE to determine letter grades and take actions based on those grades according to the same method or formula used for the 2011-12 school year.

House Bill 467 (HB467)- (Edwards) Requires charter schools to use the same employment eligibility rules and requirements as traditional public schools, including teacher eligibility requirements that mirror those of comparable positions in public schools and background checks for all employees.

House Bill 468 (HB468)– (Barras)  Allows the Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday in September to apply to custom goods ordered and paid for at least 25% at the time (but not received) during the tax holiday as long as  the customer does not request delayed shipment, and the item is shipped within 120 days of the end of the sales tax holiday.

House Bill 469 (HB469)– (Adams) Protects volunteer firefighters from civil liability for actions they take in the course of their work as a volunteer firefighter.

House Bill 470 (HB470)– (Willmott) Prohibits transporting dogs in the beds of pickup trucks or utility trailers on interstates unless the dog is properly crated and secured. Sets penalties for violations of this prohibition.

House Bill 471 (HB471)– (Ivey) Requires the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Criminal Justice to present reports for the most recent available calendar year. These reports should be distributed on paper  to the governor, certain legislative committee chairman, as well as others who request a report. The report should also  be made available on the commission’s website. (present law has different reporting requirements and does not include the website)

House Bill 472 (HB472)– (Jay Morris) Changes one of the pre-requisites for a class action from being a commonality of law or fact to being a commonality of law and fact. Also adds that the legal representative of the class has the burden of proof to establish that all prerequisites have been satisfied. Lastly the bill  prohibits the court from ordering a trial on an issue that would require proof that is individual to a member of the class in cases where the outcome of the trial would have an effect on the entire class.