Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 483-492

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 483- 492.

House Bill 483 (HB483)– (N. Landry) Extends the end date for the granting of tax credits related to the construction, repair, or renovation of facilities related to musical and theatrical productions and performances from 2013 to 2022

House Bill 484 (HB484)–  (Leger) Extends the end date of the Investor Tax Credit and the Import Export Tax Credit from 2017 to 2020. Reduces the cost required for a project to qualify and extends the type of project that qualifies to cover ship building and repair and support activities for oil and gas operations. Removes required certification by the commissioner of administration before the credit can be granted requiring only the approval of the joint legislative committee on the budget.

House Bill 485 (HB485)- (Whitney) Changes the opening day for the qualifying period in congressional elections from the third to the first Wednesday in August. Otherwise maintains current law.

House Bill 486 (HB486)–  (Reynolds) Names a part of Interstate 20 in Webster Parish as the “Sergeant Joshua Tomlinson Interchange”

House Bill 487 (HB487)– (S. Bishop) Requires all overhead power lines (along with their wattage and owner) to be illustrated on plans for public works projects. A contractor will not be liable to any damage if this is not done unless they cause the damage through gross negligence.

House Bill 488 (HB488)–  (Ivey) Requires all state entities to accept cash for any transaction of $250 or less and also requires state agencies to accept credit or debit cards for payment.

House Bill 489 (HB489)- (Cox) Adds areas designated by the appropriate municipal authority as local historic landmark districts to the areas for which the commissioner is required to issue permits for low and high alcohol content beverages for restaurant establishments (as specified in the law).

House Bill 490 (HB490)-  (Champagne) Adds elected officials to the list of officials and employees about which information must be included in the first report of each year showing the expenditures of various offices and agencies within a parish. Also requires that travel expenses be included in the report. Lastly requires any parish that has a website to put the report on their website within 10 days of receiving the report.

House Bill 491 (HB491)- (Pylant) Allows the secretary of the DOTD to issue a special permit to those vehicles transporting hay due to a disaster or emergency (including but not limited to severe and extended drought conditions).

House Bill 492 (HB492)–  (Dove) Changes the phrase “employees or equipment” in a law governing the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board to the word “resources.” Makes no other changes.