Louisiana State House 2013 Session- HB 513-522

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 513- 522

House Bill 513 (HB513)-(Moreno) Allows an increase in court costs and additional fees for the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court. (Applicable to individuals who are not exempt from paying court costs.) Includes an additional court cost for process serving,  for  filing and docketing supplement/amended petitions, for filing and docketing petitions for adoption, and for filing and docketing motions to remove parental rights. Also adds a fee for anyone (who is not exempt) and is filing certain pleadings. The additional fee will go to the maintenance of the court facility.

House Bill 514 (HB514)- (Kleckley) This constitutional amendment would require a three year phase in system for increases in property assessments for property tax if the property’s value goes up by greater than 15% from the previous year. No new assessments can occur during the phase in period.

House Bill 515 (HB515)– (Thierry) This constitutional amendment would authorization the creation of a tax court to serve as the court with jurisdiction over all civil and criminal tax matters.

House Bill 516 (HB516)- (Leger) Expands the authority of the Ernest N. Morial-New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority to allow lodging/hotel related projects. Authorizes an expansion project with public infrastructure, park, and hotel integration elements.

House Bill 517 (HB517)– (Broadwater) Changes the way the ad valorem taxes for heavy equipment rental property are calculated by changing how the equipment is assessed and valued. Also changes the way the taxes are collected.

House Bill 518 (HB518)– (Robideaux) Repeals laws creating exemptions, deductions and credits for the state corporate income and corporate franchise taxes. Repeals the corporate franchise tax entirely.

House Bill 519 (HB519)– (Henry) Creates the Privatization Review Act which sets up and requires a review process for government agencies to enter into privatization contracts. Requires an oversight and approval process which involves the state legislature.

House Bill 520 (HB520)– (Robideaux) This is a constitutional amendment to exclude’s the first $1000 worth of a natural resource severed from soil or water from the ad valorem tax on resources severed from the soil or water.

House Bill 521 (HB521)- (Leger) This constitutional amendment would increase the homestead tax exemption while requiring it to not apply to the first $10k of value. As a result the first $10k would be taxable with the homestead exemption applying to the next $90k (an increase from the current $75k) and then amounts over that would be taxed.

House Bill 522 (HB522)– (K. Jackson) Creates a special election on Sat October 19th, 2013 for the purpose of submitting the proposed constitutional amendments to the electorate.