Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 523-532

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 523- 532

House Bill 523 (HB523)– (Gaines) Courts can not issue an injunction against a state agency, department, or board to compel the spending of funds when that would cause a deficit within the agency. This bill would require that agency to prove in an affidavit through a preponderance of evidence that it would directly cause a deficit and allows the averse party to examine and show evidence to disprove the affidavit.

House Bill 524 (HB524)- (Burrell) Adds additional categories to the categories of groups that may be covered through a “blanket health and accident insurance.”

House Bill 525 (HB525)– (Harris) Changes several provisions related to the “Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program” which provides temporary cash assistance to need families. Deletes some outdated provisions. Also deletes a provision requiring information about other programs (such as medicaid and food stamps) to be given out, a provision for intensive case management, a provision providing a transition plan for families leaving the system, a provision authorizing the DCFS to set up a system for program participants to bring grievances, etc. Adds and changes some provisions related to job placement. Authorizes the use of email for program communications.

House Bill 526 (HB526)- (Robideaux) Requires the Joint Legislative Committee on Capital Outlay to approve nonstate entity line of credit recommendations (which were recommended to them by the commissioner of administration at least 15 days before the meeting of the bond commission) in order for those recommendations to be eligible to be considered by the state bond commission for lines of credit.

House Bill 527 (HB527)– (Hoffman) Changes some definitions in the law governing optometry. Changes some measures related to use of controlled substances in such. Lists procedures that shall not be included in the scope of the practice of optometry. Changes responsibilities and authorities of the board governing optometry. Authorizes licensed optometrists to administer inoculations during a public health emergency.

House Bill 528 (HB528)– (Garofalo) This constitutional amendment creates the Louisiana University System Board of Trustees to supervise and manage Louisiana’s public colleges and universities that issue baccalaureate degrees or higher and sets up the powers and the system for the board. Abolishes the current university governing boards which would be replaced with this.

House Bill 529 (HB529)– (Barrow) This constitutional amendment would impose a 5 cent tax on single use plastic shopping bags.

House Bill 530 (HB530)- (Geymann) This constitutional amendment is very similar to HB 437. It requires that all funds that are appropriated to be included in and not exceed the funds in the REC’s official revenue forecast, that appropriations cannot be contingent or rely on non-recurring funds for recurring expenses, that the governor’s budget must meet these guidelines, and that non-recurring funds must be specified as such and only used for non-recurring expenses.

House Bill 531 (HB531)– (Havard) This constitutional amendment removes all exemptions to the prohibition on “unfunded mandates” for public school systems. { This isn’t the only bill related to this so I thought I should list the current exemptions:  1) a law requested by the school board of the affected school system, Defining a new crime or amending an existing crime,  Enacted and effective prior to the adoption of the amendment of this Section of present constitution by the electors of the state in 2006, Enacted to comply with a federal mandate, Having insignificant fiscal impact on the affected school system, or Relative to implementation of state school and district accountability system, 2) Any instrument adopted or enacted by 2/3 of the elected members of each house of the legislature OR 3) Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) formula or any instrument adopted or enacted by the legislature approving such formula}

House Bill 532 (HB532)– (Kleckley) This constitutional amendment allows the legislature to annually establish (by 2/3 vote) a formula  to calculate payments made to hospitals for Medicaid reimbursement of health care services, to create the hospital stabilization fund, and to deposit assessments paid by hospitals into the fund which will then be used to support the enhancement of Louisiana hospital reimbursement. _I am a honestly a bit shaky on the practical meaning of this constitutional amendment, so if you know more about it I could use some clarification_