Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 533-542

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 533- 542

House Bill 533 (HB533)– (Kleckley) This constitutional amendment turns the Louisiana Medical Assistance Trust fund into a constitutionally specified fund. It also establishes separate accounts within the fund for each healthcare provider group in which fees are collected according to law and deposits the monies collected from each provider group into the account created for that provider group and used for reimbursement of services to that provider group and funds from other sources into a general account which can be used for any medicaid expenditure.

House Bill 534 (HB534)– (Robideaux)  This constitutional amendment would add an exclusion for bottled water from the state sales and use tax.

House Bill 535 (HB535)- (Schroder) This constitutional amendment creates the Working Cash Stabilization fund and requires 2% of the official revenue forecast each year to go to this fund. With 2/3 legislator’s approval, up to half of the fund can be used to eliminate a projected deficit. Fund balances beyond a certain level in the account can be used to retire state debt or pay for non recurring offenses.

House Bill 536 (HB536)– (K. Jackson) This constitutional amendment requires federal income tax to be deductible on state individual income taxes and allows but does not require the same deductiblity on state corporate income taxes.

House Bill 537 (HB537)– (K Jackson) This constitutional amendments levies additional taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products and authorize the future dedication of money generated by this tax.

House Bill 538 (HB538)- (Schroder) This bill changes the allocation and use of space within the state capitol complex. It also allocates the capitol annex to the legislature. It also requires the state police to develop and implement a security plan for the complex.

House Bill 539 (HB539)- (Harris) Would allow the Avoyelles Parish School Board to exchange land no longer needed for other land in the parish. Also puts forth some requirements for that process.

House Bill 540 (HB540)– (Jones) Repeals a 2013 deadline for teachers, counselors and psychologists to receive specified credentials which qualify them for an annual salary supplement.

House Bill 541 (HB541)– (Simon) Would require parents to be notified, if their child is assigned to a teacher who has been evaluated as ineffective for the past two years, of the opportunity to have their child taught instead by another teacher (who was evaluated as effective in the most recent year)  in the same school or another school in the district.

House Bill 542 (HB542)– (Whitney) Makes technical changes to the wording of the charter school law.  Things like changing “local board” to “local school board.” No non technical/wording changes.