Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 543-552

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 543- 552

House Bill 543 (HB543)-  (Pierre) Authorize surplus line insurance (property and casualty insurance coverage procured from insurers that do not have certificates of authority to sell insurance in this state) regardless of whether authorized insurance is available and gets rid of many regulations and lays out different regulations for this type of insurance.

House Bill 544 (HB544)-  (Ponti) Allows the commissioner of financial institutes to set up rules to allow for a temporary license exemptions (for up to 90 days) for registered mortgage loan originators who were employed (within the last 60 days) by a federally insured bank and are then employed by a non-depository institution.

House Bill 545 (HB545)– (Cromer) Medicaid applicants are currently required to surrender life insurance policies with a cash value of at least $2000 in order to qualify for medicaid. This law would allow for a system where instead of abandoning the policies the applicants can sell the policy with the money to go into a trust to pay for their health care (with 5% or $5k set aside for burial costs). Exempts such a sale from personal state income tax calculations.

House Bill 546 (HB546)– (Moreno) Authorizes the transfer or lease of the New Orleans Adolescent Hospital to Children’s Hospital, New Orleans. Repeals some conditions in the current law relating to such a lease. (including one requiring specific mental health services to be offered under the new management/administration)

House Bill 547 (HB547)- (Price)  Changes some definitions related to used motor vehicles. Clarifies some rules about who is regulated by the LA used motor vehicle commission. Makes procedural changes to the denial, revocation or suspension of a license through the commission. Increases the fine related to black market sales. Clarifies causes for a denial of license.

House Bill 548 (HB548)- (Willmott) Creates an Elevator Safety Review Board and lays out the responsibilities and authorities of the board. Puts in place inspection requirements for elevators and other conveyances (such as platform lifts, escalators, moving walkways, and dumbwaiters) and sets up licensing for elevator contractors, inspectors, and mechanics.

House Bill 549 (HB549)– (Leger) Establishes the MediFund- a special fund within the state treasury to support “advancement of biosciences and medical centers of excellence in Louisiana.” Specifies the goals, the board, and the general functioning of the fund. Specifies funding from the fund to go only to public or non-profit entities. This bill would expire in 2018. It also repeals the law to create the “Dedicated Research Investment Fund for support of biomedical and biotechnological research and development.”

House Bill 550 (HB550)– (Thierry) Creates a fund and program to inspect homes and retrofit  homes (insured by La. Citizens Property Insurance Corp) to make them less vulnerable to hurricane damage.

House Bill 551 (HB551)- (Leger) Extends the termination date of the Investor Tax Credit and the Import Export by three years. Reduces the capital cost of qualifying projects. Adds Ship building and repairs and supportive activities for oil and gas operations to the qualifying categories. Removes some of the certification approval requirements for qualification. Allows the Dept of Economic Development more leeway in determining the amount of tax credit given if they show “significant positive economic benefit” as a reason for the difference.

House Bill 552 (HB552)– (Seabaugh) Removes the ability for union fees to be an authorized deduction from a public employees paycheck. (ACK! This is really bad for the future of our already limited collective bargaining in the state)