Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 583-592

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 583- 592

House Bill 583 (HB583)– (Cox) Prohibits employers from firing a veteran for attending medical visits which are necessary to receive his/her veteran benefits.

House Bill 584 (HB584)– (P Smith) Lists standards and requires BESE to adopt more rules and regulations to govern virtual schools and supplemental online courses.

House Bill 585 (HB585)– (Thierry) Creates a Tax Court and abolishes the current Board of Tax Appeal. Provides details  for the jurisdiction and the functioning of the tax court.

House Bill 586 (HB586)- (Talbot) Eliminates the current brackets and rates for the state individual income tax and replaces it with a flat 1.9% rate on income over $12,500. Currently the first 12,500 is taxed 2%, the next 37,500 is taxed at 4% and any income over that is taxed at 6%.

House Bill 587 (HB587)– (Robideaux) This requires a legislative committee review of all tax credits and a recommendation to either continue or terminate the credits. It terminates all tax credits in Jan 2016.

House Bill 588 (HB588)- (Abramson) This revises the Louisiana Civil Code as it pertains to prescriptive periods. Allows for extensions of liberative prescription in some cases.

House Bill 589 (HB589)– (Abramson) Extensively revises the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure – this law is probably only of interest to / understandable by lawyers.

House Bill 590 (HB590)- (Hunter) Requires poultry plants that have received grant money or economic development funds from the state in the last ten year to offer poultry grower contracts to poultry growers who are veterans.

House Bill 591 (HB591)- (S Bishop) Removes old dates and expired measures from the waste tire management law. Repeals some other measures of the law and puts some new procedures into place to clarify the recycling of used tires.

House Bill 592 (HB592)- (Thibaut) This bill creates the Network Adequacy Act which creates standards for the networks and health care quality and accessibility offered under health benefit plans to ensure adequate, accessible, quality care.