Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 593-602

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 593- 602

House Bill 593 (HB593)– (Pope) Allows a student at a Louisiana high school who is not a Louisiana resident to purchase a Louisiana hunting license at the resident cost.

House Bill 594 (HB594)– (G Jackson) Allows qualifying individuals who are switching from being employed from one licensed contractor to another to not have to retake the required exam in order to do so.

House Bill 595 (HB595)- (Abramson) Authorizes the lease of state property which housed the housed the New Orleans Adolescent Hospital in Orleans Parish to Ochsner Health Systems if the current lease is terminated before June 20th 2013. If that does not happen, proposals to lease the property will be taken. Either way, the property has to continue to be administered, managed, and operated as a facility for health care, mental health care or health care or mental health care education and provide certain mental health care services.

House Bill 596 (HB596)- (Carter) Clarifies the authority of  local school boards/ superintendents. Under this bill, superintendents have authority to enter, amend, and terminate employment contracts for all school and school system personnel, which includes the authority to hire, place, and dismiss all school and school system personnel. No teaching personnel can be placed in a school without the principal’s consent. Clarifies that the superintendent can supervise and dismiss visiting faculty and personnel. Clarifies that the superintendent is responsible for the appointment, supervision, and dismissal of school principals.

House Bill 597 (HB597)– (Seabaugh) This deletes one provision pertaining to district eligibility based on eligibility as of 2008  from the school voucher program law.

House Bill 598 (HB598)– (Barrow) Requires school performance scores for the accountability system to be based on a 100 point scale and prohibits taking actions based on these scores prior to the 2016-2017 school year.

House Bill 599 (HB599)- (Reynolds) Extends the corporate and individual income tax credit for rehabbing historic structures to include structures in a wider range of areas and allows the expenses for the rehabilitation of the structure to include insurance premiums and severance taxes.

House Bill 600 (HB600)- (Montoucet)  Allows nonprofit water utility cooperatives wholly owned by water users (and not under the jurisdiction of the public service commission) to conduct elections of  user members to make changes in rates charged for water.

House Bill 601 (HB601)– (Schroder) (appears to be basically the same as HB526) Requires the Joint Legislative Committee on Capital Outlay to approve nonstate entity line of credit recommendations (which were recommended to them by the commissioner of administration at least 15 days before the meeting of the bond commission) in order for those recommendations to be eligible to be considered by the state bond commission for lines of credit.

House Bill 602 (HB602)- (Ortego)  Requires Louisiana birth certificates to have all text written in both English and French