Tiger Deaux-nuts : A Reason to Get Up Early on a Saturday

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

There are very few things that will get me up and out of the house before noon on a weekend. One of those things is garage sales. After today’s post garage sale breakfast, another one of those things may just be Tiger Deaux-nuts.

I had been meaning to try the gourmet doughnut shop  for a while, ever since I read about it in digg. Unfortunately, they are only open in the morning on Friday through Sunday. As a result, I just hadn’t found the chance to go before today.

I am so glad that I happened to think of it while going to garage sales.

Their selection varies and you can check out their facebook to find out what they are serving on a particular morning. This morning they had maple bacon, bananas foster, and strawberry cream cheese flavored doughnuts available. Josh and I got 6 donuts (for the very reasonable price of $7). We went for 2 of each flavor so we could both try them all.

The bananas foster I probably won’t get again. Josh really enjoyed it, but to me part of the charm of the classic dessert is the hot bananas. They weren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t really care for the texture of cooked bananas unless they are warm. I think in my head I couldn’t help but compare the cooked banana to one fresh out of the pan and it just isn’t the same.

The strawberry  cream cheese was simple and extremely well executed.  A ton of very high quality smooth cream cheese and super fresh pieces of strawberry filled the whole of the doughnut and mounded up on top of it. I got cream cheese all over my fingers eating it but doughnuts don’t need to be neat to be delicious.

Lastly, the maple bacon. To be honest, I have an unhealthy obsession with pork products. I got bacon of the month for Christmas one year and was incredibly delighted. That said, this was the doughnut that had gotten me interested in the shop. It did not disappoint. The salty sweet combination is a favorite of mine but can be hard to get balanced. The amount of bacon to maple glaze was very well proportioned.  The bacon itself was of good quality, crispy and meaty but not excessively greasy.

If I get up early for any doughnut, it will be for that bacon maple one.

Oh, and if you have trouble spotting the shop, it’s in a little shopping center complex called White Oak Village at the back. You can’t see it from the road.

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Update May 3rd:

Today I tried two new doughnuts from the shop.

Vanilla Jalapeno and S’mores.

I am a big fan of heat with sweet so I was very excited to see the vanilla jalapeno on this weekend’s rotation. It was a fine doughnut but it did not have enough heat to satisfy my sweet heat desires. I am sure this varies from batch to batch as jalapenos can vary quite a bit. The doughnut had three pieces of jalapeno (about one slice total) with seeds removed. Personally if I was making them, I might not pull the seeds off and instead I may candy the jalapeno slices with the seeds intact. But mine probably also would be too extreme for people who aren’t as heat enthusiastic as me.

The s’mores was great! Take a doughnut, a melted marshmallow, and a chocolate gram cracker and cram them together. The chewy marshmallow, soft doughnut and crunchy cracker provided a great combination. The chocolate gram cracker completed the flavor profile of the s’more without having to include a separate layer for chocolate. This doughnut was good enough that I need to go by the shop on Sunday to get them again while available. And it made me crave some more of my samoa gs cookie s’mores.  (Luckily I still have a handful of the cookies hidden away.)

You can check out the shop’s facebook page here to keep track of upcoming flavors, to ask questions, and to offer suggestions.