Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HCR 11-20

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

More summaries of House Concurrent Resolutions for the 2013 Louisiana Legislative Session.

House Concurrent Resolutions 11 (HCR11)–  (Robideaux)  This would recognize this coming Wednesday (April 10th 2013) as Human Resource Management Day in Louisiana and commends members of the La. Society for Human Resource Management.

House Concurrent Resolutions 12 (HCR12)– (P Smith) Specifies that Act 181 of the 2012 legislature would be applied to habitual offenders sentenced on or after Aug 1, 2012.

House Concurrent Resolutions 13 (HCR13)– (Carmody) Clarifies RS 39:38 A. Clarifies that “proposals by the governor to enhance revenues for the ensuing fiscal year beyond the official forecast”  includes proposals to increase the amount deposited into the state general fund or a dedicated fund to be available for appropriation beyond the official forecast. Also clarifies that “shall constitute a submission by the governor separate and apart from the executive budget” means that such proposed expenditures shall not be included in the executive budget or General Appropriations bill.

House Concurrent Resolutions 14 (HCR14)- (Edwards) Requires the passage of a concurrent resolution by each house to approve the Minimum Foundation Programformula. Requires the concurrent resolution to be introduced no later than the same deadline for introducing bills in the regular session

House Concurrent Resolutions 15 (HCR15)- (H Burns) Requests a DHH study on the most effective way to reduce suicides in Louisiana.

House Concurrent Resolutions 16 (HCR16)– (Pope) Requests a study on the feasibility of community colleges to serve Livingston Parish. (Rep. Pope is, as is to be expected, from Livingston Parish)

House Concurrent Resolutions 17 (HCR17)– (H Burns) Recognizes July 2013 as “Swimming Pool Safety Month” in honor of Aubrie and Angel Castine-Smith. (The two girls being honored died last summer in a drowning accident.)

House Concurrent Resolutions 18 (HCR18)– (Abramson) Establishes a committee to study title search periods relative to the required periods of mortgage and conveyance records for the issuance of title insurance policies and to develop recommendations based on their findings.

House Concurrent Resolutions 19 (HCR19)- (Shadoin) Expresses condolences upon the death of former state representative Laurice Dean “Buddy” Napper of Ruston.

House Concurrent Resolutions 20 (HCR20)– (Talbot) Recognizes May 9 annually as Wear Gray Day in the state in order to bring greater awareness to brain cancer.