Louisiana State Senate 2013 Session- SCR 1-10

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Summaries of Senate Concurrent Resolutions for the 2013 Louisiana Legislative Session.

This post covers Senate Concurrent Resolutions 1-10.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 1 (SCR1)– (Cortez) Temporarily suspends state retirement cash balance plan – R.S. 11:1399.1 through 1399.7 due to legal questions about the constitutionality of its adoption due both to questions related to irs status of social security equivalency and a court ruling that Act 483 of the 2012 session was enacted unconstitutionally for lack of two-thirds vote.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 (SCR2)– (Ward)  Suspends provisions which create single-member districts for members of the Iberville Parish School Board for use in the regular election of board members in 2014 and after until 60 days after the end of the 2014 session because the change has not yet received pre-clearance under the voting rights act.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 (SCR3)– (Broome) Invited the governor to address the joint session on the opening legislature day.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 4 (SCR4)– (Alario) Invites the Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court to address a joint session on April 9th at 4:30 pm.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 5 (SCR5)– (Cortez) Requests various state depts to promote the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Where’s baby? Look before you lock.” campaign.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 6 (SCR6)– (Crowe) Requires the Louisiana State Law Institute to study and report on the feasibility of /practicality of/legal issues related to requiring clerks of court in Louisiana to accept electronic signatures on documents for filing.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 7 (SCR7)– (Mills) Encourages the Louisiana Lottery Corporation to create a new lottery ticket the proceeds from which would go to benefit veterans.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 8 (SCR8)- (Nevers) Requires the Louisiana State Law Institute to study and report on the feasibility of revising state law to require both parent’s consent to track a child by GPS. (See HB 361)

Senate Concurrent Resolution 9 (SCR9)– (Ward) Designates the American Paint Horse as the official state horse of Louisiana.  *I could make a pun about fans of other horse breeds voting neiiigh on this…

Senate Concurrent Resolution 10 (SCR10)- (Ward) Designates the Smokin’ Oldies Cook-Off as an official Louisiana State bbq championship. Also commends the West Baton Rouge Convention and Visitors Bureau for contributing to pediatric cancer care.