Is the GOP even really trying to win?

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I was watching the footage of Rand Paul bombing at Howard University. It was a terrible speech conceptually. To get up on stage and assert that African Americans would vote Republican if they knew history better is both condescending and ridiculous. It ignores history from the last 50 years. It ignores the GOP southern strategy. To say, well we had the first black congressman during reconstruction- you should ignore all the racist ads and campaign strategies we produced in the last 50 years- well that is just idiotic. It isn’t fooling anyone. And his visit was the GOP’s insane effort to reach minority voters. They sent a guy who is famous for expressing a negative view of the civil rights act to speak at a historically black university!

Between that and GOP politicians using the term “wetback,” while the party claims to be engaged in Hispanic outreach, I am left wondering, is the GOP really even trying?

If you were trying to win elections outside the red gerrymandered states you control, would you propose personhood laws that would make some oral contraceptives a crime?

If you really cared about winning, would you block universal background checks for firearms? That’s a policy that 90% of Americans like- hardly anything polls that high. I doubt ice cream even polls that high.

If you wanted to win presidential elections, would you punish popular politicians who are willing to work with the other side? They didn’t invite Chris Christie to CPAC for daring to work closely with the President to deal with the natural disaster that devastated his state.

Is this the behavior of a group that really wants to win elections? I am not sure is.

What would be their goal if it isn’t to win elections?


A lot of people make a lot of money off political campaigns. A WHOLE LOT of money.

And Sheldon Adelson proves that you can make a lot of money without winning. He threw a tremendous amount of cash at Newt’s obviously sinking ship in the primary. You don’t have to have a prayer’s chance of winning to get money thrown at you.

And in fact, winning may not get you more money but rather less. Fear of those scary scary liberals who might (but probably won’t) raise capital gains taxes can pull a lot of money out of the kind of people who can afford to make 10 million dollar donations. Plus that money goes to the ill-monitored PACs rather than actual campaigns. And PACs can make people running them very rich.

That fear subsides when the GOP wins. There could easily be more money in losing. I mean, otherwise, why would the GOP have run Mitt Romney?