Courtneys Teaching Courtneys- Braised Beef (plus cookies)

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Tonight was our third class in which this Courtney teaches another Courtney to cook! (Plus game night- see my Carcassonne related short post)

For today, we cooked braised beef in red wine with veggies and rice. We also made chocolate chip cookies. Details (and pictures) follow.

This meal was inspired by a gift. I helped a friend get some boxes to move with and was gifted a bottle of pinot noir. I don’t really drink red wine so I decided it would be the center of a cooking project instead.

For the Beef and Veggies we used –

A chunk of brisket in the 5 lb range

Veggie oil

Cajun Seasoning Salt

The bottle of pinot noir

A can of tomato paste

Roughly 2 tablespoons of condensed beef stock (better than bouillon brand is great)

One wine bottle full of water

one can cheap beer

A bag of pearl onions

2 sweet potatoes

5 small potatoes

A bunch of fresh green beans

— The first thing we did was season (with the cajun salt) and then sear the beef. We did this in a hot pan with vegetable oil but a grill would work as well

–then we put the wine, tomato paste, condensed stock, and water  (all whisked together) into a 350 degree roaster I have which is basically a giant crock pot. This recipe could alternatively be done in a dutch oven in the oven but it needs to be covered!

— We added about half the bag of pearl onions – peeled

— All together the beef cooked nearly 5 hrs, with occasional basting with the cooking liquid.

— At about 2 and a half hours in we added the roughly chopped potatoes and sweet potatoes as well as the rest of the onions.

–With somewhere around an hour to an hour and 15 minutes remaining we added the green beans (ends cut off and cut in half)

— Shortly after adding the green beans, we added a can of cheap beer for more moisture.

–With around 25 minutes to go we chopped the brisket into 6-8 chunks to get some more sauce exposure as the cooking finished.

Served over rice.

It was delicious! Dan and Josh both ate seconds to the point where they were completely painfully stuffed.

red wine braised brisket

While that deliciousness braised, we took advantage of the oven being free thanks to my roaster and made cookies!

We used the nestle recipe with the small change of using 1 cup of dark brown sugar and a 1/2 cup white instead of 3/4 cups of each. For the chips we used mini chocolate chips and for nuts we used chopped walnuts.

We made 48 cookies and there was some cookie dough eating too.

homemade chocolate chip cookies


There was also some cotton candy making. (I recently got a cotton candy maker.) – but that is another entry. A full cotton candy maker account will be coming soon.