Today in Anti-Choice Legislation- Banning Things that aren’t Currently Happening!

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Senate Bill 90 in the 2013 Louisiana State Legislative session is to ban tele-medicine for abortion in Louisiana. In some places with limited access to abortion care, women use skype with doctors to arrange and have very early pill based abortions. Basically since it is just taking a pill to induce a miscarriage, there is not always a need for a doctor to be physically present.

There aren’t currently any of these happening in Louisiana, but evidently some of our state reps feel that they need to be preemptively banned. Now it isn’t unusual for states to look into banning things that don’t happen like a proposed ban sex-selective abortions which just aren’t realistically happening in the US (and which could lead to women being falsely accused by family members of making a sex-selective choice just to prevent the termination). This is unique because unlike sex-selective abortions which aren’t and won’t happen, tele-medicine abortions while not currently happening in the state are a realistic possibility. And possible a necessary one for some women if other anti-choice efforts are successful.

Anti-choice efforts shut down clinics using laws designed to technicality clinics out of existence and often violent anti-choice activists scare doctors out of practicing. This leaves vast areas without providers and women without options. The tele-medicine concept can help with this so of course there is an anti-choice effort to ban it before it can even start to happen.

So the goal becomes : Hey women- you live in an area without access to a clinic because we got rid of it-  well don’t try to get care from a doctor over skype, we banned that too! Good luck with that baby that we provide virtually no social safety net to help with!