Lacking Words

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I don’t know how to even find the words to express the tragedy of this week. 

Monday a senseless act of violence left 3 people dead and many people maimed in Boston. The images of the wounded are so painful to see that I have stopped looking at articles that are image heavy. 

And then, roughly 8 hours ago, a fertilizer plant in West Texas blew up. There was a fire leading up to the explosion but the event is ongoing so the origin of the fire is still and (given the amount of damage) may always be a mystery. I hope it was an accident and not an intentional act of violence, but there is yet no way of knowing. The damage is still unclear. There are deaths, but reports are not yet out as to how many. Given the size of the blast and the density of the area around it I suspect the number will be horrifying. 

There is a video of the blast taken from a truck with a little girl yelling that she can’t hear. It is so terrifying that I am afraid I may have nightmares. 

Tragedies such as these shake us to our collective cores. They show us both that terrible things happen and that people respond with courage and resolve- rushing towards disaster to help others.  

I can only hope that we are done with nation shaking level tragic events for a little while.

If we aren’t, I can only hope that people continue to show bravery and compassion. That people continue to show that we are a society that supports each other in the wake of unspeakable events and great suffering and need – no man an island.