Voodoo Barbecue Review

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

It’s a bit of a challenge to talk about a restaurant I have eaten at so many times. It isn’t like reviewing a place you have eaten at once. There is more to talk about and more dishes to cover.

That said – Voodoo is my favorite choice for bbq in Baton Rouge and they could use more reviews on Urbanspoon, so here goes.

First- the sauces. They feature three sauces, an original – fairly traditional- sauce, a cane vinegar sauce, and a mango sauce. I really enjoy both the original and cane vinegar sauces but the mango one is a bit too sweet for my taste. The cane vinegar sauce is actually one of my primary reasons for it being my favorite spot for smoked meats. It’s thin, very vinegary, some heat. Imagine mixing some ordinary bbq sauce with vinegar and hot sauce and you would get something resembling it.

Next – MEAT! Chicken is a great meat and all, but… Don’t eat chicken at a barbecue shop. You are here for slow cooked deliciousness. Brisket and pulled pork are the two meats to get. If you are picking one, go pork. The brisket here is very very good but by nature of being brisket, it is not as moist as the pork. There simply isn’t as much fat in brisket as there is in pork shoulder. The pork is phenomenal. It’s flavorful and moist enough to be eaten without sauce. Combined with the acidic bite of the cane vinegar sauce though.. The acidity and heat cuts through the fatty pork.

On the side-

They serve easily one of my top 5 cheese fries. Covered in cheese and bacon with crispy, well made fries and served with ranch on the side, the carnival fries appetizer is huge, delicious, and great for sharing.

All the platters also come with a great piece of buttery garlic toast. It is the kind of bread that motivates dining companions to try and snatch it off each others plates.

I have a few favorites among their many sides. The greens are some of the best ones I have ever had, full of chunks of pork and so good I sometimes drink the cooking liquid after eating them. The potato salad is not a traditional mustard sort. Rather it is made with small red potatoes and sour cream. The break from tradition serves them well as the creaminess of the salad is a welcome addition to my bbq plate. There is also a corn pudding that resembles something between corn, corn bread, and a souffle. It is josh’s favorite side at the restaurant and he isn’t alone. Many people I know have praised it highly and I am inclined to agree. Lastly, the sweet potato souffle is so delicious, creamy, and luxurious that it’s basically like having pie as a side. The sweet potatoes are topped with brown sugar and pecans and this outdoes any marshmallow topped thanksgiving side by miles.

Last of all- Dessert.

Their bread pudding is great. Its a thick, heavy bread pudding. One where the bread chunks have thoroughly jelled together into a solid mass. You get a giant piece of it, easily large enough to share- especially after eating a meal of their very generous portions.

In short, this is a great place to eat. Well worth adding to your regular restaurant rotation as I have. There is enough quality variation to make regular stops here and not get bored.

VooDoo BBQ Drusilla on Urbanspoon