An Exercise in Very Bad Poetry

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Sometimes when I am not writing about politics, crafts, or food- I write really bad poems. Recently I did an exercise in structuring the stanzas of said really bad poetry.

What follows is 6 stanzas, 18 lines, and 81 syllables of said bad poetry.

A dark cold cave

Far from sunlight;

A place of death.


A spring bubbles up,

Surging from the deep.

The blood of the world.


What of this world,

Its true essence-

What swells upward?


No cool water here,

No nourishment now,

Nothing here that gives.


Water that takes-

Takes life, robs hope,

Steals happiness.


Viscous bile pours out,

Unstoppable stream,

Each drop- tiny death.