Prescription Drugs- When Prices Have Little to No Relation to Reality

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I have seen far more news about Plan B emergency contraceptive availability in the past few days than in the month before.

There seem to be a lot of people from the evangelical right freaking out badly about the idea of a 15 year old being able to buy Plan B over the counter. As if somehow it would be better that a 15 year old be pregnant.

In reality, there are still some significant burdens on teens seeking emergency contraceptive. Not all pharmacies carry it. Some pharmacists will undoubtedly refuse to sell it to teens despite the FDA guidelines. A photo ID is required and not all teens have that.

And then the biggest burden. (particularly for low income teens) It costs around $50. Heck, this is a burden to low income women and not just teens. And it is a burden that doesn’t really make sense.

It isn’t that the pill is loaded down with gold dust or truffle juice. It’s that they can get away with the price because individuals buying medication don’t have the bargaining power of an insurance company. Or for that matter of the National Health Service.

I looked into what the National Health Services pays for emergency contraceptive. Less than $8. (Look into NHS drug prices here and here)