Dream Berrie Cafe- Pho is the Best Comfort Food

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Dream Berrie Cafe is an unusual looking place. Part frozen yogurt shop and part Vietnamese food restaurant, it straddles an unusual set of food. The very cold yogurt  is served up -or rather self served, build your own cup style- across the room from the very hot soup.

I can’t comment on the yogurt because I haven’t tried theirs yet. I over frozen-yogurted myself in an attempt to try all the places in town at one point and haven’t been able to get back into it since.

I come here strictly for the Vietnamese food side of things. I have gotten food from here many times, always to go, and never having bothered to call ahead and it is always fast enough that I don’t regret not calling and waiting in the store.

They have dumpling appetizers that I have enjoyed very much, but the real star of this place is the pho.

They offer a bunch of different options and Josh frequently gets the one with the biggest variety of beef in it. I on the other hand always go chicken. There is this amazingly soothing “chicken noodle soup on steroids” quality to good pho and the soup they serve up has the ability to soothe me while I am under the weather perfectly. When you order it to go, you get an assemble your own soup set-up. The broth is in a large plastic tub and piping hot. Your meat and noodles come in a to go box along with a sauce cup of goodness. (I think it’s mostly hoisin.) If you happen to opt for certain beef options, you get raw beef strips to plunge into your piping hot broth. And then there is a bag of vegetation. Jalapenos, cilantro, thai basil, limes, and bean sprouts all offer customization for your pho preferences. I am a huge cilantro fan and I tend to use every last sprig in the bag. Along with chop sticks your order comes with a perfect little plastic Asian style soup spoon.

Oh and on the tables in the restaurant, there are little pots of hot pastes. One is bright red and the other is a darker color with a slight peanuty savory flavor to it. Both are quite spicy so a little goes a long way. I typically spoon a little directly into my to go box but I would guess if you asked for a condiment cup like the one the hoisin comes in they would give you one for it. I like the chili paste’s enough that they tend to result in me making my pho nose-running, eye-watering hot. All the better for a stuffy day.

I can’t finish an order of their pho in one sitting. It’s a generous amount of food at a very reasonable price. And it’s just about one of the best comfort food options for a stuffy nose kind of day.

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