Flour is a Wonderful Thing

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Recently I have been baking bread more often and I made some flour tortillas from scratch. 

Flour certainly isn’t the only key to either of these. Without the yeast, the bread wouldn’t be very bread like at all and without the lard the tortillas wouldn’t exist either. But the two, along with countless other foods, are brought together with the common ingredient of flour.

It’s a pretty amazing ingredient that is easy to take for granted. When you look at a tomato, there is a link to the plant it came from. When you look at the white powder in your mixing bowl before you bake, there is not a strong relationship with a wheat plant in your mind. 

I think since flour is such a big part of how we eat perhaps schools and community projects that grow gardens to help children connect to food should introduce some wheat. It would not necessarily be feasible to grow a useful amount of wheat in the small spaces available but a little grouping of plants could provide a valuable way for young people to connect the cookies they eat to the dirt they came out of.