Mr Taco- Oh, Goodness, Now I Must Learn to Make Pupusa

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I have visited the Mr Taco on Airline Highway twice now. It is quickly creeping it’s way into my regular food choice options and would be moving up my list faster if it was open slightly later. (They close at 8 pm most days and I commonly eat dinner between 8 and 9)

The first visit I tried two tacos, charro beans, and their chips and salsa.

The taco meat options are vast. I went for a slow cooked beef (which I am pretty sure was brisket) and a pork medley consisting of ham, chorizo, and bacon. The brisket was super tender and absolutely fell apart. The pork medley was essentially the essence of pork distilled on to a taco. (The bacon, however, is not crisp in this preparation- so if that bothers you, steer clear, there are plenty of other meat options in that case.) The meat is served on a perfect homemade corn tortilla with fresh, salty crumbly Mexican cheese, onion, and cilantro.

If you are looking for a little more spice on your taco, you can visit their sauce bar. There they have roughly 10 different sauces in a wide variety to top your food with. They range from mild, green, creamy, and avocado/tomatillo esque to yellow and unspeakably hot to a bizarre, savory, and delicious peanut-y concoction.  Beyond sauces, the sauce bar also offers limes and fresh pico de gallo- heavy on the cilantro.

Their are a variety of side options offered with the tacos and the chips and salsa did not disappoint. Freshly fried chips were clearly constructed from their house tortillas. The charro beans which came with two types of cheese on top and were swimming with chorizo were so filling and flavorful I could imagine eating a large bowl of them as a meal on their own.

On a second visit, I went for my go to mexican food option, the chili relleno. It was quite good and served with more of their delicious corn tortillas. The plate came with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, some creamy sauce similar to sour cream but with more tang, and a nice sized amount of avocado. It would have been more than enough food on it’s own, but we couldn’t resist the limited availability item.

Pupusa’s. The store only serves Pupusa’s two days a week- Friday and Saturday. wouldn’t knock going here on another day, but if you can make it on a Friday or Saturday that would be a great choice.

The pupusa (which google tells me is a Salvadoran dish) is essentially two thick layers of corny goodness with pork, beans and cheese sandwiched in between. The whole thing is griddled on each side until crisp and served with some red sauce and pickled cabbage. It is pretty amazing. It reminded me a bit of a flattened tamale, but with so many added elements. A tamale is a fine thing but it lacks in crunchy bits and it’s insides- while nice- pale in comparison to the interior of the pupusa I had here. The combination of moist pork, beans, and cheese contrasted with both the smoothness of the corn cake and the crunchy-ness of the outside.

In short, now thanks to Mr Taco I have something I must learn. I have to learn how to make pupusa’s.

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