Tommy’s Fish House: No Shame in Being a Close Second to a Legend

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

If you live in Baton Rouge, you probably already know that the best boiled crawfish in town is at Sammy’s. If you didn’t know,  kindly pretend you still don’t.  The crowds there don’t need to get worse.  There is really only a short window most days there that you can eat crawfish without a considerable wait.  (And I am certainly not telling you what time that is.) If I am eating crawfish any other time, I head to Tommy’s Fish House.
The crawfish at Tommy’s comes in at a very close second to Sammy’s. And in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with being a close second to a legend.

Tommy’s crawfish is quite good. Prior to finding it, we had a horrid experience with niche. The crawfish at Tommy’s could perhaps use a little more heat, but I understand the difficulty of balancing heat level for a vast audience. Their spice blend has something unusual, and good, about it. I think of lemon and perhaps allspice or cinnamon when I eat it. It is hard to put my finger on what exactly the unusual spice but it works.

The service there has been generally good with a little trouble when they get particularly busy. It seems they could benefit from a bit better organization.

The fish house plays both restaurant and seafood market which is pretty intriguing. My one major frustration with the place is their early closing times-  8 pm most days and 9 on weekends. Sadly this is a pretty common issue in Baton Rouge.

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