Hipster Poll? Thanks PPP!

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

PPP decided for some reason to poll on Hipsters. 

A while back I wrote about how calling someone a “F***ing Hipster” is pretty similar to calling someone a “Dirty Hippie.”

Reading the poll data brought my article to mind. In the poll, 50% of voters under 30 considered themselves to be hipsters- and everyone in that age group was certain whether or not they were one. In the other age groups, there seemed to be much more confusion with a great deal of “not sure”s and less than 5% in each group identifying as hipsters. I suspect that many years ago when hippie was as young of a term as hipster currently is that one would have seen a similar pattern for it with mostly young people identifying as hippies and at the time older people having some confusion surrounding the term.

Better yet, ppp polled on whether one would be more or less likely to vote for someone based on their hipsterness. Independents were the most likely to vote for a hipster- 27% of them would be more likely to vote for a hipster and 73% less likely. The number drops further with Democrats – 12% more likely and 88% less likely. When one gets to Republicans, the distaste for hipster politicians hits a high- only 2% would be more likely to vote for a hipster and 98% less likely.  Imagine asking a Republican in 1970 about their likeliness to vote for a hippie. I suspect it would look a lot like that 2-98 result.

I am pretty excited that PPP did a poll that lent some data to my thought experiment.