My Warren 2016 Theory- How New PPP Data Relates To ItI

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I have been telling people since the night Elizabeth Warren won her Senate race that I had a hunch.

Basically, if I could bet on 2016 right now, I would put my money on Elizabeth Warren. Not just for the Democratic primary. For the presidency. I fully expect the GOP to run someone completely un-electable.

Why do I think Warren is likely?

Well to start with, I think Clinton is fed up and tired of dealing with the kind of things she would have to deal with to run. It’s just a vibe I get from her. I think she may have been planning to run but with all the flack she is dealing with over Benghazi, I can’t imagine her wanting to put herself through more of it.

And Biden? I just think he is too old to be viable and that he knows it. He would be 74 entering office. Doing two terms would put him at 82 when he left the presidency. I think he wouldn’t risk winning the primary and having to run against a much younger GOP candidate. I am sure he watched how hard the age issue was for John McCain.

Plus, the Democratic party loves young, fresh faced candidates. Elizabeth Warren has that sort of fresh energy that is very attractive to the voters in the Democratic primary.

In a poll asking about preference if neither Biden or Clinton enters the race, Warren is getting 17%- trailing only Cuomo (who is at 25%). I actually think a Warren-Cuomo ticket would be a great choice. His executive experience would be a great balance point given that she would be running as a first term Senator.

Warren is also doing quite well on favorability.  The same poll found 42% finding her favorable, 46% unsure, and only 12% unfavorable.