A Food Nerd Take on a Memorial Day BBQ (Spoiler: Killer Potato Salad)

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

We decided we wanted to do a little grilling this evening for Memorial Day since both Josh and Dan had the day off tomorrow.

Tasty Dinner

We had both strip steak and some tee-tiny lamb chops. (They looked like tiny t-bones, about 5 inches by 4 inches.) We treated both of them simply with some vegetable oil and tony’s cajun seasoning. They were grilled to medium-rare and turned out great. It was a pretty simple preparation but for good meat that works just fine.

The tuna we let sit in some soy and ginger while we prepared everything else. It was grilled very briefly, just over a minute on each side. To serve we sliced it super thin and served it with some sauce. The sauce was hoisin, sriracha, rice wine vinegar, ginger powder, and garlic. The tuna could have easily stood on it’s own but the sauce helped give it a little extra punch.

The garlic bread was store bought with the garlic spread already on it- a nod to nostalgia and to the hurried time scale on which we planned the meal.

The corn was rolled in vegetable oil and two seasoning rubs -applewood smoke and sweet and smokey. We cooked it to a slight char on the grill. It came out really well and I attribute that at least partly to the freshness of the corn.

For drinks, we had Midnight Moon’s Strawberry Moonshine mixed with some cream soda. It was dangerously delicious. There is almost no detectable burn.

Last, but far, far from least, comes the potato salad. I have been meaning to make some potato salad for a while and a grilling menu is the perfect occasion for it. First things first, I boiled four eggs. Well, I actually boiled five but one of them was just for regular eating.

I had to peel and cut the potatoes into chunks while the eggs boiled. I used the “buttery yellow” potatoes partly for their color but also for their creamy texture. I boiled them until they were tender while I prepped the relish.

I am a big pickle fan and always have a few sorts in my fridge. For this, I decided to combine several pickled items using the food processor to make a mixed relish. I had some fresh homemade pickled red onions on hand and I threw those in along with my homemade pickled carrots, some bread and butter pickles, some sriracha pickles, some pickled garlic, and lastly some pickled jalapenos. The relish turned out well enough that I am going to have to make some other mixed relishes for future uses.

I combined the potatoes, relish, some miracle whip -just enough to hold things together-, eggs, and the mustard. For the mustard element, I used a varied approach. I included some dry mustard powder (which is often my go to in mustard-y dishes for it’s potency) and three types of prepared mustard. I used a hot Asian mustard, a spicy creole mustard, and a smokey onion mustard.

The resulting potato salad was good enough that I feel certain it will influence my future potato salad endeavors.