The Product of Assumption- Or Why I Can’t Feel Outrage Right Now

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

It is really hard to be outraged about something unless you just found out about it. Outrage is a basic emotional reply to finding out something horrible.

So if something isn’t news to you? It makes it pretty hard to feel outraged.

I think I am far from alone in having assumed that the government was spying on all of us for, well, basically as long as I have been old enough to form an opinion about it. If you asked me at 16 if the US government was monitoring everyone’s emails, I would have said yes. And most of my friends have told me they have assumed as much for a long time as well.

So feeling outrage is out. It isn’t a shock or surprise.

What do I feel in the wake of all of the NSA news of the last week? Relief.

Relief that it is out there now and people can’t deny that monitoring is going on.

Relief that the problem is finally being shoved into a spotlight.

Relief that there is a chance of legal action. (From the ACLU or possibly from the very not okay with this nonsense EU)

Relief that politicians can be grilled on the topic.