Julep Maven Intro Box Review

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Recently I was reading an xovain article and decided to sign up for Julep Maven as a result.

I got my intro box super quickly and was very pleased with the colors they sent me. Pictures follow.

I got three colors of polish along with a nail polish remover wipe and a nail file. The polishes are a green called Mackensie, a purple called Alice, and a chunky glitter called Paris.

Julep Maven Intro Box


They put me in their “It girl” style profile and it must be a fit because I was delighted by this grouping of polishes. I am a huge fan of unusual polish colors- I would buy a green polish over a red one most days.





Intro Box Swatch 1



This picture has 2 coats of the polishes and they are pretty opaque at this point which is exciting because often colors with a bit of shimmer have trouble become opaque quickly and they both have a shimmery nature.




Intro Box Swatch 2

I also tried them with the Paris glitter over the top. The glitter could go on a little smoother, I found the pieces of it kept all ending up on one side of my nail. And even with a top coat it feels a little bumpy. I think that is just the nature of a glitter with large pieces though.

I am pretty happy with the intro box and I only paid $4 for it thanks to the coupon code “MAVENFREE” which makes the box free (though you then have to pay $4 in shipping). Ordinarily the boxes are $20 (with no shipping cost) and they ship on the 27th of the month – which is also the day they charge. On the 20th of each month they send you an email about that month’s box that lets you pick which style profile’s box to get or opt to skip a month.

You do have to subscribe to get the intro box and my big pet peeve with the whole thing is that you can’t unsubscribe online- you have to call them.. Blech.

If you decide you want to try it out, you can sign up here.