Mason’s Grill- Always Crowded for a Reason

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

It seems like every time I drive past Mason’s it is insanely crowded. People parking in the grass, down the road, madness!

Well there is a good reason for all that madness, Mason’s is great.

They have an insane customizable Bloody Mary (which they call a Bloody Mason). You can choose your vodka, flavorings,heat level, and garnishes from a generous list. They even offer a bacon infused vodka. The trimmings include pickled okra, olives, bacon, a meat straw, and more. On a past occasion, I tried their Bloody Mason with bacon vodka and it was quite good. The bacon vodka offered a smokey addition to the well mixed drink.

While Mason’s serves a popular brunch on Sundays, I am not much of a morning person. I most recently went to Mason’s on a Friday evening and had a good experience. The parking lot was pretty crowded but not full and we were able to be seated right away. The service was very prompt over all.

I had the half and half fried seafood platter with shrimp and catfish. For the salad that came with it, they asked about both the type of dressing and the type of lettuce I would prefer. This gave me a chance to opt for the baby greens which I would much rather have than romaine. In fact, their ability to customize continued on to the main dish where I had the option to sub another side for the fries for 75 cents. I opted to stick with the fries, but I was glad to have the option. Another place in town where I sometimes eat fried seafood does not allow subbing in a different side on their fried seafood platter – not even with a surcharge- and it has been a source of frustration in the past when I was not in the mood for french fries.

The fried seafood was fresh and hot and well seasoned. They have a nice level of crispiness on both the catfish and shrimp and they were both cooked enough to be done but not over cooked as is commonly a problem elsewhere. The tartar sauce and cocktail sauce that came out with the platter were both good but I would prefer more horseradish than their cocktail sauce offers. Their hush puppies are dense, flavorful, and worth fighting with a dining companion over.

My dining companion managed to snatch one of my hush puppies.. He ordered a sirloin steak which came with a salad and side. He went with the loaded baked potato- which came with the standard cheese, sour cream, chives and bacon. The pieces of bacon where of a nice size and quantity. The sirloin was cooked perfectly to his rare specification and was incredibly tender. It was a much better steak than I have come to expect outside of a nice steak restaurant (or home).

Mason’s is certainly worth a visit- even if sometimes it is a hard place to find a parking spot.

If I go back for brunch, I will add a little about that to this post..

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