Quick Smelly Kitchen Fix- From the Spice Cabinet

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Ever leave something in the kitchen trash that you shouldn’t have? Or put off cleaning a nasty dish for too long? Or forget you had some potatoes in a bowl on the cabinet until they are really rank?

I certainly have and I hope I am not alone in having dealt with the monster of the gross smelling kitchen. You can get rid of the smell source, but smells have a way of lingering.

To combat this problem I came up with a quick solution using stuff I had on hand.

First I put some water, a cup or two, into a small sauce pan over high heat.

I started dropping in aromatic stuff from my kitchen. A cinnamon stick, chunk of ginger, a bit of clove, a couple bags of cheap honey chamomile tea, a bag of weird decaf green tea that I had no clue why I had.

Basically I dumped a bunch of good smelling stuff into a pot of simmering water.

I added some coconut oil. Partly because I thought it would help it stay at an even simmer longer without a boil over and partly so as to make an infused coconut oil in the process (more on this later).

I kept it going at a low heat for around an hour and by the time I took it off the whole house had a nice scent and any hint of rankness out of the kitchen was long gone.

You could use a lot of different aromatics for the same process. Have some cheap coffee that someone gave you that you will never drink? Toss it in. Allspice? Nutmeg? Cocoa Powder? Orange rind? Mint? Go wild! Essentially you want things that smell good and will respond decently to a long boiling. I would aim in the direction of spices and herbs and the like.

Plus, if you add some coconut oil like I did, you can turn the air freshening into a multi-tasking process. After you have got done boiling, pour the whole mess into a bowl and stick it in the fridge. Overnight the oil should rise to the top and harden allowing you to separate it from the water and store. You can use your infused oil to deal with dry and cracked skin or to add a little scent and moisture to a hot bath.

And if the home air freshening goes well- you can always experiment with different scent combinations.