Some Bills Related to Guns the Louisiana State Legislature Passed- And One They Didn’t

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I decided to go through the list of Acts passed by the state legislature and pull out the gun ones and do a quick summary. Since the focus of some state legislatures around the country this year was to take common sense measures to limit high capacity magazines and expand background checks and the focus of other state legislatures was to nullify federal gun laws, I thought it would be worth shining a light on what Louisiana actually passed. (We weren’t without nullification law efforts but they were unsuccessful)

First is Louisiana House Bill 265 (HB265) which grew up to become Act 84 of the 2013 Louisiana Legislative session. This act establishes the availability of lifetime concealed carry permits in the state. It does now contain some requirements for the permit holders to provide continuing proof of firearm training every 5 years- this provision wasn’t in the original bill.

House Bill 98 (HB98)  which became Act 402 also relates to concealed carry. It allows for sheriffs to enter into reciprocal relationships with other sheriffs so that concealed carry permits issued in parishes would also apply in parishes with a reciprocal relationship. In addition, this act outlaws the release or publication of any information contained in a concealed carry permit application. In fact, Louisiana seems very concerned about publication of information related to guns.

House Bill 8 (HB8) which is now Act 401 makes publishing, releasing, or disseminating information on who has applied for/ received concealed carry permits punishable by up to a ten thousand dollar fine or six months of imprisonment. There are exceptions listed for when the permit recipient endorses the information release or releases it themselves, when there is a court order, or when the information released has to do with a permit holder who is charged with a felony involving a firearm. The exceptions were not part of the original bill meaning that originally the bill would have technically outlawed a newspaper publishing a person speaking about their own concealed carry permit application process! Even in its current form this law seems to lack much consideration for freedom of the press and smells of preemptive press censorship.

House Bill 717 (HB717) -now Act 403- relates to the system of background checks for gun purchases. It details when and how courts must inform the proper bodies of government of decisions which may prohibit an individual from purchasing a gun- both related to criminal charges and civil commitment. It also details out a system for individuals who have been barred from firearm purchase due to having been civilly committed to petition to be allowed to purchase guns again.

House Bill 277 (HB277)  which became Act 398 repealed several provisions of Louisiana law pertaining to registration requirements to possess and transfer specific types of firearms (sawed off shotguns, guns without serial numbers, rocket launchers, etc). It eliminates any requirements for registration of these sorts of weapons at the state level leaving only the federal oversight.

House Bill 6 (HB6) – which is Act 400- creates an exception which would allow police officers, regardless of whether they are acting in a professional capacity at the time or not, to carry firearms into schools and school related gun free zones. There was a similarly phrased bill that would have allowed the same for bars but it did not pass after it got amended to apply to a broader group that police officers. I am mildly surprised that the same did not occur with this bill.

And finally, something that didn’t even leave committee but that I was thinking about when I read this horrifying news blurb about a 5 year old girl in New Orleans who shot herself in the head while playing with a gun in her home. 

House Bill 4– which was deferred against its author’s wishes would have made it a crime to store a firearm without a locked container or a lock to render it inoperable.