Bar Louie- A Chain Restaurant’s Bar Food Shouldn’t be So Good

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Bar Louie just opened up next to the mall in Baton Rouge. I have visited twice- once for appetizers and once for dinner. It is a pleasant surprise. I had really went there expecting the food to be okay and nice to go tobecause they serve late- which is a rarity in Baton Rouge. (Til 1:30 am on every day but Sunday)

Well the food wasn’t okay- it was great!

The appetizers we opted to try were the pretzel sticks and popcorn. The pretzels sticks were fresh and hot and they came with three dipping sauces: cinnamon honey butter, honey mustard, and queso. The butter was absolutely amazing and the queso was great  with a hint of spice. The honey mustard was fine  but I am not personally going to ever be that into honey mustard when there is a giant mound of butter and cup of queso in front of me as well. The pretzels were so good that when we went back for dinner we ordered them again.

The popcorn was covered in an enormous amount of truffle butter and parmesan. The truffle butter was great and I found myself licking my fingers to get every last bit of the savory goodness. If a movie theater started serving this popcorn, I would go there for movies for sure. (Speaking of, why can’t Baton Rouge get something like Alamo Drafthouse?)

Pretzels and Popcorn

When we got around to going back for entrees, (in addition to the pretzels) I got a “Mexican Sunrise” and Josh tried one of their burgers out.

The Mexican Sunrise is essentially a quesadila, sauces, black beans, and a fried egg. It was big and messy and very, very tasty. It had chipotle and tomatillo sauces along with pico de gallo and a huge amount of cheese. The fried egg burst beautiful lending some of the fatty goodness of an egg yolk to the giant delicious mess on my plate. I could barely finish half of it! It was great cheesy delicious comfort food with a hint of breakfast for dinner coming from the fried egg. I suspect based on how delicious this was that I will also be trying their breakfast burrito down the road..

Mexican Sunrise

Josh was satisfied with his burger which was juicy and actually cooked properly to the medium he ordered. And they offered an upgrade to loaded fries. I suggest you take the option.

Burger and Fries

The fries come out covered in the delightful cheese sauce from the pretzels and with bits of bacon and chives and … hot giardiniera! I have had tons of cheese fries and pickled jalapenos are a pretty common component. This is my first encounter with hot giardiniera on them and it is brilliant. I had trouble stopping eating the fries even though I had stuffed myself to a point of feeling a little sick.

I think I may go back and get just pretzels, popcorn, and loaded fries late one night!

(oh and they have cheap burgers on Tuesdays)

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