Pelican House- Come Here for Beer, Maybe Try the Fries, Skip the Sandwiches

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I tried out Pelican House recently. I had heard good things about the food and so we decided to stop in for a quick lunch a few days ago.

Josh tried one of their roughly 250 beers (around 140 on tap and 120 in bottles) and was very pleased. They really have an impressive selection of beers of all categories. If you are looking for an interesting beer in Baton Rouge, I would recommend going by there. The layout is great, they are constructing a porch, and they have more beers than you could imagine trying.

The food on the other hand… I really wanted to love it.. But the execution was sorely lacking.

The “seven napkin fries” – basically cheese fries with gravy and sour cream- were enjoyable, but only because of the gravy. The gravy was great. The fries were inconsistently cut, too large, and not cooked long enough. The cheese was barely there. Smaller fries, cooked crispier, that gravy in a cup for me to dip it in- that would have made for a much better dish.

My sandwich, a turkey/pork belly/ praline pecan combo, was painfully dry and the flavor was incredibly muddled. The sugary praline pecans next to the wet tomato turned the center of the sandwich into a weird sugary mess. And the pork belly was essentially just some thick cut bacon, not a delicious smooth pork belly like I had at Couchon Butcher. 

Josh didn’t fare much better. He ordered a medium burger and got a well done, and very dry, burger. The pickle that came with it was a neon green, super sour, cheap thing. You can buy better pickles than that for a very slight amount more. It was disappointing to see a place that has such a “foodie” targeted menu serve the kind of pickle you would see on a salad bar at a Ryan’s.

I think it’s worth going to Pelican House for the beer. And they are new and their food may improve. But right now it isn’t worth eating there- beyond an appetizer if you are already going there for the beer.

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