A Review of Jungle Stand’s Tasting Bar- June 2013 Taste of Taiwan

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I just got in my first tasting box from Jungle Stand. It feature’s “tastes of Taiwan.”

On opening the box, I was pleased. There seemed to be a pretty unique selection of foods in the box and the theme was clearly tying the foods together despite the variety of items.

The whole box

Thoughts on each item follow the cut

The first thing we went for was the Sachima, a confection that visually resembled a rice crispy treat. It was delicious. In fact it was a lot like a rice crispy treat but softer and lighter, more inclined to melt away to nothing when you bite into it.

Oh and it’s delicious for a reason- a 250 calorie reason. It has by far the highest calorie count in the box.

Next we tried out the sesame pastry. It had a strange texture. A crispy outside gave way to a weird flossy sugar center. It is basically impossible to describe with words so here is a picture of what the inside of this thing looked like.

Sesame Patty

It was pretty tasty and the texture was really surprising. I am not sure I have had anything like it before.

Our third taste was the pumpkin cake. It was really good, balanced with salt and sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed it- it brought to mind a really good granola bar. Not a confection like the Sachima, but something hardier.

Pumpkin Cake

Our fourth taste was of the peanut brittle. The piece of it included was 5 little segments so we each ate one and had three to put away to enjoy later. It was a bit like a really dense crumbly peanut butter. Which makes sense since it is almost all peanuts and sugar. (it’s calorie count is misprinted on my nutrition sheet, it says 11 calories total and 99 from fat- so unless there are magic negative calories I am sure it means 110)

Peanut Brittle

Then we tasted the squid… and it was like a cat treat. I spit it out. It was so chewy and I just had to have the horrible fishy flavor out of my mouth and it was too chewy to swallow quickly enough. For contrast josh said it tasted like dried teriaki crab- which sounds almost to as awful as it tasted but not quite.


The bag of stringy squid is coming for you…

The last taste of the box was a rice cracker. It was okay, but it was just okay. I wouldn’t seek them out again but I wouldn’t decline them if one was handed to me. It was slightly sweet with a strange savory flavor; it didn’t seem to belong. I think it was either from the soy or monosodium glutamate in the cracker.

Rice Crackers

I really enjoyed the tasting bar experience, squid and all.

A single box is easily enough for two people to experience or maybe three very agreeable selfless people. I know someone might have gotten prodded with a fork if I had to split the sachima three ways instead of two.

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