Julep Maven Box: California Coast July 2013 Review

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Each month, if you are signed up for the Julep Maven box, on the 20th you will get an email with info about the next month’s box. You have the option to either stick with the style profile you were placed in or to pick a different style profile if you like what they are getting more.

In addition, you can pay extra to upgrade to the entire collection for that month or skip a month.

I am in the “it girl” style profile and it was the only one getting three polishes and no beauty product so I decided to stick with it for July.

The polishes I got were Angela, Nadia, and Tracy. In addition, I was wooed into signing up for a bonus polish for $5. I decided I really had to have the Fireworks glitter polish.

Julep has a pretty amazing turn around time. I think I was charged on June 26th and got my box on the 29th. I was very happy to get it as quickly as I did and excited to open it even though I knew (or thought I did) everything it would contained. When I opened it, I got a little delightful surprise in that they had included a bonus of some green tea blotting papers!

The polishes are all beautiful.

Angela is a really deep blue green color.

Julep Angela

Nadia is a golden yellow with a fair amount of shimmer and Tracy is a “sea salt” finish polish in a lighter blue color. I like the finish of Tracy once it finally dries but the dry time is pretty lengthy and the polish formula is tricky to get to go on in a light even coat. It is a bit… gloopy? I can’t think of a better word to describe the texture issue.

Julep Nadia and Tracy

Lastly, I was very excited about my Fireworks add-on polish coming right before the fourth. I used it on the tips of my nails over a black polish with a bit of silver glitter (Orly’s Goth) and I hand painted a firework on to my thumbnail to do my July 4th manicure.

Julep Fireworks

I am really happy with the effect I got for my whole night sky with fireworks in it look. The glitter worked perfectly for it- especially with the different sized pieces in it.


If you want to sign up to get the Julep Maven boxes, you can follow this link to do so. They are $20 a month but when I signed up you could get an initial intro box (this isn’t one of the monthly boxes, it’s its own thing) for just $4 shipping by using the coupon code “MAVENFREE” and the code may still work.