June 2013 American Beauty Glossybox Review

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Part of the way through June, I got an email letting me know that Glossybox was having a delay with the June boxes after one of their products had dropped out.

Frustratingly, I didn’t get my June Glossybox until July 3rd. Almost a full month after I paid for it. It was a bit annoying and I am hoping that they are more timely in future months.

Luckily, the box was pretty nice this month. Last month I had a couple single use foil packet items but this month had none of that nonsense.

June 2013 Glossybox

The item that had been advertised in advance heavily by Glossybox was the Oscar de la Renta perfumes. They came in a little bag and there were 6 tiny perfume bottles in it. They had no size labels on them but they were quite small. They have a spray top though, none of those terrible impossible to use vials that spill as soon as they are opened. I have only tried one of the perfumes on so far but it had a nice scent. In the full size (3.4 oz) these are far more expensive than I could ever rationalize paying- $150. So while I will certainly use the samples and enjoy them there is no way this is going to sell me on one of the scents.

The box also contained a bottle of C.Booth brand Honey Almond Dry Oil Mist. I was a bit puzzled by the function of it initially- best I can tell from the description it is to make your skin feel nice. I really love the scent of it and I think it may have made my skin feel a little softer but it is so hard for me to judge that sort of thing. Regardless of any softening- it smells so nice (and makes me think of pastries) that I am sure I will use the whole bottle and it is reasonable enough price wise that I may even buy it or another one of their products. The scent also exists as a body butter which I am probably more likely to use than a mist.

Each box also contained a Phillip B hair product. They varied from box to box and I got the hair mask. I used it overnight as the bottle recommended and I think it really did soften up my moderately fried hair quite a bit. The bottle contains enough for me to use it 3-4 times (and I have a ton of hair) which is plenty of time for me to evaluate the product and consider whether I want to buy more of it or now that I am more familiar with them try out some other hair mask products. Or even a diy hair mask.

I got a SpaRitual nail polish in the box and since I can never have too many polishes I was happy with it’s inclusion. Colors varied and I got a super pale translucent pink called “Whirlwind Romance.” It went out as a slight shimmery barely there finish. I photographed it but the shimmer is so subtle you can’t even really tell I am wearing anything in a picture.

Glossybox Sparitual

I am pleased with it because I never really think to buy neutral polishes. It would work very well for the pale pink part of a french tip manicure.

The last item in my June box was a lip color. It is from Tarte and it is a “complexion enhancing lipstick” with a nude outer park and a brighter inner core. It is supposed to give the look of fuller lips. I like the soft nude color I got from it.

Glossybox Tarte


Overall, I am pretty happy with my June box, despite the fact that it didn’t show up until the beginning of July.

Their boxes are $21 a month and you can sign up here.