My 4th of July Look

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

4th of July look

For July 4th, I decided to do a classic pin-up look circa 1940’s.

I really like doing the victory rolls in my hair. There is something very polished about them that I adore. I generally curl the back of my hair loosely as well. There are a lot of different youtube tutorials on victory rolls but I find this one which I used to learn to do my Sally Jupiter hair to be one of the easiest to follow.

My earrings are vintage (though not 40’s- late 80’s or early 90’s) and the pearl necklace seems like such an obvious classic choice to go with a classic look. I am always on the hunt for more vintage earrings with a post back. Many of them are clip-ons which I can’t wear for any length of time because of the excruciating pain they cause.

I opted to skip my usual “pinup” style go to of a black wing typed liner in favor of an independence day oriented shadow look done in blue and red. My lashes are fake because I have tiny light colored lashes that can’t stand up to a bold make-up look without a little help. My brows are also super light so when I am doing a bold look like this one I color them in with a little brownish red eye shadow. Just a tiny bit to make the hairs a little darker and I brush it in with an eyelash brush.

4th of July Eye

My classic red lip I achieved using a matte red lipstick from Nyx I am in love with called “Perfect Red” which is really perfect and a lip brush from Sonia Kashuk that I picked up from Target on a whim while looking for a good eyeliner brush. The matte red from Nyx is hands down my favorite lipstick right now and it lasts pretty close to forever.