July 2013: Beach Beauty- Ipsy Bag Review

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

My first Ipsy Bag arrived recently. The July 2013 theme was Beach Beauty.

July Ipsy Bag

It was very exciting to get such an interesting bag in my first bag from them.

First, the one thing in the bag I wasn’t excited about. I got the Coola SPF 20 Face Moisturizer. I don’t really wear a lot of these sort of skin care products and I need far more than SPF 20 if I am doing any serious time in the sun. I will probably eventually smear it on my face but it isn’t that neat.

After there things get a lot more exciting, the bag included a humidity resistant hair spray from Big Sexy Hair. I am a fan of their products. In fact, both their shampoo and conditioner are in my shower. This hair spray will be useful next time I want to do a retro up do and expect to be wearing it outside.

I also got a nail polish from Nailtini in a color called Mai Tai. It is a pretty bright orange color and has very good coverage levels. Often bright colors have some coverage problems and this didn’t seem to be the case with this polish.

Nail Polish in Ipsy Bag

The box also included a lip crayon from Pout Beauty. I got a coral colored one. It arrived with a slight melting issue from the heat but the damage was minor.

Lastly, there was a mini eye shadow set from BH Cosmetics in a California Collection. It had a gold, a copperish-brown, and a dark purple.

I am quite satisfied with the colors in both the lip product and the eye one.

July Ipsy Bag Swatches

The shadow here is over an eye shadow primer which helped up the intensity level of it.

I really like my first Ipsy bag. It has a strong makeup emphasis which is good for me since I am not big into skin care products.

Plus at $10 it is super reasonable. And it always comes with a makeup bag! Which I expect will be cool until I have an excessive number of them.

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