July 2013: Fun on the Boardwalk- Love with Food Box Review

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

My first Love with Food Box is the July 2013 “Fun on The Boardwalk” themed box. I forgot to take a picture of the box all together but here is a shot of the info card.

July Love with Food Box

My impressions of the items follow the cut.

First, the sea salt caramel popcorn. This was essentially an elevated cracker jack. It had a very complex caramel with both sweetness and a hint of bitter burnt sugar caramel goodness that tempered the sweetness. The sea salt added further complexity and it created a snack I couldn’t stop eating. The bag was gone in no time!

Popcorn in July Love with Food Box

The bbq beef stick was very flavorful and it was nice to have a slim jim like product with out all the terrible things that go into a slim jim. I wouldn’t call this jerky but rather I would consider it to be a very flavorful cured beef sausage stick.

Beef Stick in July Love with Food Box

Next the Bloody Mary peanuts. These area actually a product I have previously bought. I really like them. They have a zesty flavor profile and you can taste the complex flavor profile of a Bloody Mary when you eat them. I wish they had a bit more spice but I understand that won’t appeal to everyone.

Peanuts from July Love with Food Box

The orange salt water taffy included in the box had the wonderful ability to taste like an orange and not just like an orange candy. It was delightful how “real” the flavor of orange was in the taffy which also had a perfect chewy taffy texture. I wish there had been more than 2 in the box because one each was not enough taffy for Josh and I.

Taffy in July Love with Food Box

I haven’t actually opened any of the salt packets yet. I haven’t yet had an occasion to use pickle, lime, chile lime, or lemon salt that made sense to me. The included gift card for $25 towards a Hello Fresh subscription delivery I can’t currently use as the fresh food delivery service isn’t available in Louisiana at this time. The card is good until December though and hopefully by then it will have expanded to our area.

Salts in July Love with Food Box

The pretzels in the box unfortunately showed up pretty broken up. They were also a touch too salty for me (and I really love salt.) They were okay but I wouldn’t buy them.

Pretzels in July Love with Food Box

The fig bar also had the misfortune of being smushed in shipping but unlike the lack luster pretzels I really enjoyed it. The whole wheat crust was very hardy. The figs filling was very fruity and pure fig flavored.

Fig Bar from July Love with Food Box

Lastly the Necco Wafers were .. well they were Necco Wafers- which is to say they were a weird chalky candy that I have never really been fond of. Too much like tums to taste like candy to me.

Necco Wafers in July Love with Food Box

Overall, the box fit the boardwalk theme pretty well and I am glad that I am getting the box from Love with Food. It is only $12 a month and with each box bought a donation is made to feed the needy.

You can sign up for love with food here.