What Jay Carney Should Have Said to the Intern from Daily Caller…

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

The Daily Caller, in their usual terrible-ness, sent a very young intern to antagonize Jay Carney. They decided someone was coming to get Zimmerman. And so they demanded an explanation of what the President would be doing to protect Zimmerman. (video here- I won’t link to Daily Caller directly so as to avoid giving them traffic)

They are trying to raise the specter of “crazed black people” coming after their new bff Zimmerman (I suspect they will give him lots of attention until they get bored with him, like their last toy, Joe the Plumber.) In fact, they – the daily caller and the horrific conservative media in general- spent the whole trial trying to make people afraid of black people. They portrayed a murder victim (I don’t care that he was found legally non-guilty, he shot an unarmed kid, that’s murder ethically even if Florida is too messed up to realize it) as a thug and as someone who deserved to die.

And they said that a race riot was coming.

And now they are wasting everyone’s time demanding that the President protect Zimmerman, who is now re-armed with the gun he shot a kid with anyways.

Jay Carney echoed the sentiments of the President and of Martin’s family about peaceful reflection. And I agree with that choice.

But there is something else he should have said. He should have directed the guy to go ask the state of Florida about protection.

The conservatives love to say that the federal government is horrible and worthless and can’t do anything right, so why would they want federal protection? Why not ask them to ask the state? I think it would neatly have flipped the state’s rights screaming nonsense on them.