Geek Girl Issues

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

If you ask me to describe myself, it is very likely I would use the word nerd. Further, if you asked me if I would call myself a geek, I would certainly say yes. A nerd and a geek aren’t exactly the same thing and there are about a thousand articles online on the differences between the two so I am not getting into it here. (You can google it and find plenty on the topic- not all in agreement)

But, overall, there is a huge overlap between people who identify as nerds and geeks and as a result geek culture/ nerd culture are one sort of weird amorphous blob.

And unfortunately it is at times an aggressive self policing blob. One that has to constantly check geek/nerd cred. Especially if you happen to be a woman.

The phrase “fake geek girl” makes me want to punch people. There is something so very frustrating about a group that has been picked on and marginalized trying to marginalize people themselves because they don’t pass some weird cred test.

So this video touched my heart- and made me tear up a bit:

Yeah, I haven’t read every comic out there. But that doesn’t mean I can’t say I enjoy comics.

And some of my favorite video games are one’s that get mocked by gamers- like animal crossing- but that doesn’t make my enjoyment of them less valid.

And I have seen virtually no star trek- but that doesn’t make my enjoyment of sci-fi books somehow less worthwhile.

It isn’t a who has seen/done/collected the most contest. Rather geekiness- in its best form- is about a community of people full of enthusiasm unbridled by possible mockery.

I am choosing not to care if people think I am weird for loving costuming or sci-fi books or the justice league. And I am choosing not to care  if you don’t think I am geeky enough. Because you don’t get to define me any more than the people picking on me in high school got to.