Street Breads- Makes Subway Look Terrible by Comparison

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Recently we decided to try out Street Breads. This Lake Charles area restaurant recently opened a location in Baton Rouge. Being a Calcasieu Parish native myself I was eager to give them a shot.

Plus I wanted a sandwich and was looking for something a bit different.  What I got was both different and very good.

First the one flaw- the place felt a bit disorganized. No clear ordering line, menu a little strangely put together (like it had a combo add on price but didn’t clarify what that would include). I think part of that is the relatively small size and weird layout of the property they are in.

But weird layout aside, the place was furnished and decorated in a much more sophisticated way than you expect of a sandwich shop. Adding to that air of “this isn’t a subway” was the beer on tap and wine selection..

Sadly, we weren’t able to try their feta potato salad because it was sold out today but the food we did have was pretty good.

Josh ordered an Italian Roast Beef – “Fococcia, Roast Beef, Asiago, Romaine, Sun-Dried Tomato Relish, Cajun Remoulade, Bacon” – which was very tasty but not as tasty as what I got. I ordered the Argentinian Sierra Beef which is described as ” Rustic Club, Roast Beef, Pepper Jack Cheese, Spinach, Red Onion, Chimichurri, Texas Caviar.”

The bread my sandwich came on was very toothy with a hardy, chewy, rustic quality. I think it gave an excellent platform for the superb roast beef. I think one would be hard pressed to find another sandwich place in town that could rival the quality flavorful roast beef they served here. And there was a lot of it on my sandwich! The pepper jack cheese went on shredded which after toasting really got it to incorporate into the beef well. The chimichurri added a ton of herby flavor and I am a huge fan of the sauce which prior to today I had never had the option to have on a sandwich. Lastly, the Texas caviar brought some beans and chili flavor to the sandwich along with some additional moisture. The whole thing was tasty, reasonably priced, and remarkably filling.

I got a side of blue corn chips and salsa. They chips were a bagged type (a good one, but not fresh made). The salsa was obviously fresh and rivaled that of some of the Mexican restaurants in town.

In addition to sandwiches, Street Breads offers salads, wraps, pitas, pizza, a quesadilla, and soup. I am pretty eager to go back there to try more of their stuff.  It is one of the better sandwich places I have been to (no couchon butcher but nothing else is) and by comparison subway and quiznos look like they are better as dog food…

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