Elections have Consequences- Will Jeff Hughes Endorse Discrimination?

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Recently Jeff Hughes became a Louisiana State Supreme Court Justice after running a nasty, terrible race baiting campaign. A campaign that called himself leave it beaver-esque and demonized his black opponent. Oh and also pointed out that black people might vote for his opponent so as to scare white people into turning out.

I was disgusted when he won after running that monstrosity of a campaign.

And now we get to see if his race baiting campaign means a judge who supports policies that discriminate poor, minorities, and young people.

Recently a Judge ruled that a Baton Rouge ordinance forbidding the renting of single family homes in certain zones to more than three unrelated adults was unconstitutional. Because the city believes in making life hard for the college students that support its economy and for the poor in general, they plan to challenge the ruling to the state supreme court so they can reinstate their discriminatory behavior.

Will Jeff Hughes, our newest supreme court justice, side with the city and say that if you can’t afford to live without roommates then maybe you should go somewhere else? Is that what his campaign meant by family values- if you aren’t a traditional family well then you can just go away?