Adventures in Dollar Store Makeup- Episode One

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I have a lot of makeup from cheap places. I love discount bins and dollar stores and the like. In fact, I have picked up great eye-shadow in dollar stores. One of my favorite products, a loose gold shimmer from LA color, I generally buy at dollar tree.

Recently, the dollar tree near me got a whole new crop of eye shadow products and I decided I would pick some of them up and test them out.

Dollar Store Haul

(In addition, I grabbed some nail files I needed because I am always losing files and some clear lip gloss)

The first pallet I have to show off has a pretty wide assortment of 12 colors- all with a bit of shimmer. I think the best color on this particular pallet is the sky blue. I don’t like all the colors on it but for a buck it is certainly worth while.

Dollar tree pallet one Dollar tree pallet one

The second pallet has a focus on pastels with a shimmery finish. The black color in it has a bit of lighter sparkle to it. This pallet could use a bit denser pigmentation in my opinion.

Dollar tree pallet 2dollar tree pallet 2

The third pallet is a 12 shadow one like the first and while I didn’t notice in the store- it seems to be mostly the same range of colors in a different arrangement. Had I noticed this before I bought it I would have just gotten one of the two. There are some differences but not enough to merit purchasing both had I noticed how similar they were at the time.

dollar tree pallet 3 dollar tree pallet 3

The fourth pallet only has 5 colors- less than all the others, but it may be my favorite of the group. All 5 of the colors have dense pigmentation and the green is an absolute stand out color. I have a weakness for green makeup and this is a great green shadow.

dollar tree 4dollar tree 4

The fifth pallet features a lot of golden and dark colors with a metallic touch. It has some real potential for doing smokey eye looks. I wish the pink in it was a bit more pronounced on though.

dollar tree 5dollar tree 5

The sixth pallet has a more pronounced glitter look to it along with some great colors in the green/blue group. I like the extra glittery look going on here.

dollar tree 6dollar tree 6

The seventh, and last, pallet is a lot like the sixth with a more glitter focused look but instead of leaning to the blue green area there is a pink and orange focus going on here. I am pretty pleased with it.
dollar tree 7dollar tree 7


All together, I am happy with the shadows I picked up at the dollar store. Not all the shades are great but when you are paying a buck for a pallet they don’t all have to work.