Louisiana Loves a Dynasty

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

It is no secret that Louisiana loves a dynasty. I bet if you could find someone you with the last name Long that you could link to Huey closely enough that he would kill it in an election.

Simply put- our state proves that there is something in a name- that something being electability.  And recent PPP polling reflects this. 

The Landrieus are a perfect example of this. Moon (Maurice Edwin – but he is generally referred to by his nickname) was the mayor of New Orleans and now his son Mitch occupies that same office. His daughter Mary is one of our state’s US Senators.

A senate seat that the GOP doesn’t seem to understand why it can’t win in a state as red as Louisiana. They don’t get that people are voting for Mary the same way people voted for a Kennedy- her name represents something to a huge swath of the state. For all the talk about Cassidy challenging the senate seat in 2014 (Vitter said he thought Cassidy had even odds to outseat Landrieu at the town hall I attended) it looks like Mary is in a strong position.

Her approval rating beats his favorability rating in recent polling and she kills it in the jungle primary lineup with 47% in a four candidate field. (For certain offices Louisiana doesn’t do party primaries- everyone runs together and then there is a run-off) And head to head with Cassidy in a run off she has a 10 point lead on him.

And she isn’t the only Landrieu who may have an election coming up. There is a tremendous amount of noise about Mitch running for governor.

He leads both Vitter and Dardenne in head to head polling (though there was no jungle primary poll for him).

And when you look at the poll makeup I think things look even better for the siblings.  21% of people polled identified as somewhat or very liberal, 27% as moderate, and 53% as somewhat or very conservative. (I know that is 101%- I have no clue where ppp got the extra 1%- I assume it is a rounding issue) I think if they can carry strong leads in a poll with such a conservative foundation that they may even outperform the polling come election time.

So maybe the key to out-seating Vitter when a prostitution scandal couldn’t is to find a dynasty to run against him for senate…