August 2013 Treatsie Box Review

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

My first Treatsie box came in August. They ship on the Monday after the 15th each month in an insulated envelope with a cold pack.

Sadly, despite their best efforts my box showed up positively warm on the inside. I popped it in the fridge without even opening it in an enthusiastic effort to save anything heat sensitive it might contain.

The chocolate bar did not survive intact.


While this Seattle Chocolates bar had nice flavors, it was a texture mess. When it melted the filling and chocolate mixed together into a substance that wouldn’t re-harden. I let Treatsie know that their shipping method hadn’t worked out and they quickly offered either store credit or a replacement bar. I opted for the new bar and it managed to arrive still solid thanks to a cold pack and over night shipping but I think had fed ex taken even a few hours longer that may not be the case. I think it may just not be feasible to reliably ship chocolate in the warmest months. The replacement bar showed me that it was a very good chocolate bar when intact- if a bit sweet for my tastes.

(Oh and they actually sent a whole new box, not just the damaged item)


The two lollypops that came in the box were great. I think the watermelon basil beats out the blackberry hibiscus but only narrowly. Because I like putting any hard candy into it, I tried one of these in my cotton candy maker. It didn’t work out texture wise – it was a bit of a brittle cotton candy- but it was fun to eat in that form regardless.


The four caramels from Slade Grove were richly flavored and had a wonderfully chewy texture. I preferred the watermelon because I am not huge on coffee flavored items.

I think all in all the Treatsie box is something I will be sticking with for a while. It isn’t as bountiful looking as many boxes but I understand that high end candy is not a cheap thing. Plus their customer service was great and responsive.

Check out more about them here.