Spider Pumpkins! Cute Yet Creepy Halloween DIY

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Recently I got a group of decorative mini pumpkin/ squashes in my weekly produce box.  I knew I wanted to use them as part of my plan to decorate our porch for Halloween but at first I wasn’t sure what to do other than stick them in a basket.

We were planning a spider theme for the porch and suddenly it hit me- why not make spiders out of the tiny pumpkins?

Spider Pumpkins!

Details on how to reproduce the look follow..

First the things you need:

Spider Pumpkins!

Or at least some of them. Not pictured here is the glue and glue gun because I forgot to stick them in the picture and the sheet of foam and red paint because I was inspired to add those later.

Most importantly you need some little decorative pumpkin/ squashes, some black paint, eyes, and black pipe cleaners. And be patient letting things dry between steps! Or you will get paint all over your fingers like I did.

Step one:

Spider Pumpkins!

Give them a light coating of black paint. You want a little bit of the underlying color to show through. I prefer the look of a bristled brush here to a foam one because it helps with that bit of color showing through.

Step Two:

Spider Pumpkins!

Glue eyes on!

Step Three:

Spider Pumpkins!

Cut tiny fangs from a sheet of white foam or felt- I used foam but felt would be a fine substitute. You just want itty bitty point triangles here. Glue them on beneath the eyes.

Step Four:

Spider Pumpkins!

Drip some red paint on so that the fangs have an adorable yet creepy bloody look. This wasn’t in my original project plan and I am so glad I decided to add it. I think it really helps bring the spider look together.

Step Five:

Spider Pumpkins!

Hot glue on the legs. I used four pipe cleaners per spider. You could use eight if you have bigger squash/ pumpkins and need longer legs.

Step Six:

Spider Pumpkins!

Bend the legs into their creepy crawling positions.


Spider Pumpkins!