Saying it again – Warren 2016?

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

My love of Senator Warren is no secret.  I have been rooting for a presidential run for her since before she even had won her seat. In fact, moments after her race was called on election night I tweeted “Warren 2016.” To put it insufferable hipster terms, I liked her before it was cool.

Recently there have been a slew of articles about a possible Warren run in 2016 and I honestly have mixed feelings about this. You would think I would be thrilled by the buzz around her but.. I am not. In fact, I am concerned instead. I am worried that it is too early and any buzz will fizzle before it could translate into a primary season. I hope that it is sustainable but I just am not sure that is the case.

Now if it was a year from today and this media buzz had just started, well then I would be thrilled. But right now with midterms still to come there is ample time for the excitement to get buried and there is no sure fire way to recapture this moment in the media sun.

Clinton doesn’t need excitement to get the nomination. She just needs a routine boring primary cycle. For Warren to be nominated on the other hand, that would take the kind of upset to the party status quo that requires enormous energy. It also likely translates to more excitement in the general election and better turn out for the democrats- someone who is exciting is a far bigger pull for many voters than someone who seems inevitable.

Hopefully Warren can keep some excitement rolling- or at least get it built back up at the right moment.