First Taste- Tabasco Raspberry Chipotle & Worcestershire Sauces

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Josh’s grandmother and aunt gifted him a variety of Tabasco products for Christmas this year. Easily the most exciting looking one was the raspberry chipotle sauce and we decided to try it out this evening.

Initially I tried a dab of it on a spoon to get an idea of what sort of sauce it was. Was it hot sauce? A marinade? BBQ sauce? I think it is some mix of the three. It has a sweet and smokey flavor that brings to mind BBQ sauce but the flavor is far more concentrated. As a Tabasco product it of course has some heat but it is really just a small touch of it.

The Worcestershire from Tabasco had a super intense flavor. It was like a regular Worcestershire on steroids. The flavor was deeply tangy and had just the smallest touch of heat.

The two of them both would make excellent marinades but I didn’t really have time to leave something marinating tonight. Instead, I mixed roughly equal parts of the two with about as much ketchup as I used of the two combined. And for a little extra heat I threw in some Sriracha. I poured this over some chicken tenders and baked them.

The resulting chicken was very flavorful without needing the thick coating of sauce normally associated with BBQ chicken. The density of flavor in the sauce was very powerful without being overwhelming. The two Tabasco sauces created a pleasant sauce that straddled the sweet and savory line with a pleasant lingering smoke from the chipotle. I am a fan of thinner sauces for BBQ and this helped accomplish that.

I am very eager to try the other Tabasco products Josh got! I had a few of their hot sauce varieties beyond the normal one but this is my first venture into their non hot sauce products and I am pleased by the results.