Subscription Narrowing- A Brief Review of What I Kept

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

So I have experimented with a lot of different subscription boxes recently and then I went through a narrowing process. Here is my current box selections and why I have decided they are worth sticking with.


The snacks delivered in graze are diverse and interesting. They are healthy but they don’t feel like I am getting “health food” in the mail. The every two week schedule works out well and the $6 price tag per box seems about right. It easily beat out both Love with Food and Goodies to stay on my subscription list. I also ditched the more specialized Jungle Box food box after a couple disappointing boxes.


I have stuck with the candy/sweets subscription box from Treatsie despite some early problems with melted candies. They recently went up in size and I was happy with the new size that came in the December box. I buy artisan candies in the store from time to time and I find the Treatsie pricing very competitive with that. I hope that next summer there aren’t any problems with candy melting like in the past.


The monthly make-up bag from Ipsy easily beat out Glossybox for me. Glossybox had a tendency to send a lot of skin care products that I was not interested in- including anti aging snake oil sorts of things. Ipsy on the other hand occasional includes hair or skin care but is much more makeup focused. Plus it takes your preferences into account and over time it will lean more and more towards the sorts of products you are interested in.


I don’t get the Julep Maven nail polish box every month but I do like it. When it comes time for the month’s boxes they send out emails so you can pick between boxes or decide to skip the month- or to upgrade to a larger box that month. I have gone both the upgrade and skip month options in the past and having those choices is something I really appreciate. My biggest stand out product here has actually been not one of the polishes but their amazing skin cleansing oil.


To be frank, I am on the fence here. I haven’t cancelled it but I find myself considering it because I haven’t gotten around to doing the last couple craft projects yet either. However, I am always interested in the monthly project, even if I haven’t gotten around to doing all of them yet. I am sticking with it for now and hopefully I will find a bit more time for trying out their DIY projects soon.